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Why wouldn't you use a helmet?

I was just in Athens, and found it striking that people quite often don't use helmets when riding. 

I've travelled more than a bit but on my most recent trip I went to Athens where I've never been before. Also I saw bikers conduct in a manner I've never seen before in "civilized" world.

In countries like Italy and Spain is not uncommon that people ride mopeds without helmets. But in Athens, it seems, they don't use helmets on big bikes either. At first I thought maybe it's a young-and-rebellious thing, but in the same instant a 60+ geezer cruised his Bonneville with the little hair he had fluttering in the wind. The most extreme case I saw was someone pulling massive wheelie with his 636 in heavy traffic. Even as such a bit questionable, but without a helmet, I'd deem it outright insane.

I'm not the most safety-oriented biker, but when I think about my Estonia-Finland-Sweden triangle of influence, here riding without a helmet in a city centre …