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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Tallinn

Men's health awareness supporting charity event, the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride took place on September 24th. I went to check out my local ride's start in one of the coolest biker hangouts I've ever seen, Renard Speed Shop.

The cool custom bike workshop & cafe, Renard Speed Shop acted as a starting point of the Tallinn Gentleman's Ride and I decided to head out there to see what the local distinguished Gentleman's Ride looks like.

The weather was as nice as it's possible to be this time of autumn and I was greeted with a proper crowd and maybe fifty-ish cool custom bikes, and I have to say I was astonished by both quantity and level of the builds.

They didn't allow me to join the ride - apparently as the only one present. I won't speculate whether it had something to do with my lack of gentlemanliness or whether the Kwak wasn't considered a proper bike for the occasion. Oh well, on the riders' briefing they specifically said no burnouts, so...

In any case, had a good time, saw nice motorbikes and some friends and enjoyed a bit of coffee. Also took a few pictures for your enjoyment!