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Own a double legend!

I’m putting the Kawasaki up for grabs. If sold, all the profit will go to support Steven Horne in this year’s Manx GP.

I was thinking what to do with the Kawasaki that has served me so well. On the other hand I’d like to give it a thorough overhaul, but then again, I don’t have a proper garage. And I don’t really need – or want – a sports bike.
Then I got it! Horney helped me and everyone else by such a great amount and I want to give something back to him. Actually without him, I don't think I would have been able to participate at all. So, as for this moment, YOU have a chance to get yourself a legend in both the Cannonball Bike Run and World Superbike racing. All the profit goes to support Horney in this year's Manx GP.
The Kawasaki really is a good bike, but requires a bit of TLC to heal the battle wounds from the Cannonball Bike Run. The suspension needs an overhaul, the rear tyre needs to be replaced soon and the fairings and indicators should be properly fitted. As for the good things, giving it full throttle for a week has apparently opened the engine up a bit, as it feels a lot stronger and the fuel consumption is greatly improved. The engine sounds just like a Kawasaki should and gave me absolutely no problems during the week, but I’m sure an oil change is due.
I’m asking 1,900 euros, but open to offers. Currently I’m on a ferry to Rødby, where I’ll go on to Helsigør & Helsingborg. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll hopefully be in Stockholm and the day after that in Tallinn, so I’m able to show the bike around that route.

Hit me up at loudpipe@gmail.com, if you want to own a legend and support a future IoMTT legend while you’re doing it.

The bike:
1996 Kawasaki ZX-7R
Mileage roughly 25,000

Price 1,900 euros ONO