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Road to Cannonball Bike Run, day three

As I entered Germany, it started to rain. That didn’t stop me from Autobahn shenanigans.

Autobahn Baby! Without speed limits it's a good practice for the Isle of Man.

At the mansion I discovered there was another guest, a Polish dude was spending a week there. Figures. The place was lofty, cheap and peaceful. I hear they have a lot of guests hunting deer and boar.
Anyway back to my trip. In the morning the skies were overcast and it had rained in the night. I checked the splendid Norwegian yr.no weather service for expected weather and it looked like heavy showers. I’d get wet.

Pronounce this! 

I tried to keep a positive attitude and packed my rain gear and didn’t make a front fender before heading off. The first roads were again these nice ones with immaculate surface and rolling curves.
About curves… I noticed that occasionally they place a “curves ahead” sign by the road apparently as a joke of some sort, as the sign might get followed with 10 kms of straight road. Weird shit.
Another slight annoyance is the Polish tax sticker or something or other they have on their windshields. When it glistens in the sun, it looks precisely like a rozzers blue light in the corner of your eye, which wasn’t helping my growing cop-paranoia at all. They really seemed to be everywhere.
My German part of today would mostly be on Autobahn, and I was excited to get to test the Trumph’s top speed. I had had it at 234 km/h gps speed before. As I entered Germany, it stated to rain, but so what? There was barely any traffic and the speed was unlimited, so I went flat out whenever possible. When it wasn’t that wet (water spray acts as an additional cooling agent), I noticed that after like 40 kilometres of flat out, the coolant temperature stated to rise somewhat quickly from the usual 81 degrees to 90, where I backed off. That might have been pushing it a bit. 
Also the fuel consumption skyrocketed, not surprisingly. Under “normal” conditions a tankful would get a safe 200 kms. I had done 130, when the fuel light came on – just as I was passing a petrol station.
Fuel stops aren’t necessarily that frequent by an Autobahn, so I had to hunt down the nearest I could get to. The odo said 168 when I got to fill the 15-litre tank with nearly 16 litres of petrol.

Not even close! 15,8 litres of petrol to a 15-litre tank. 

And as for the speed, I managed to break 200, but the backpack is a serious aerodynamic deficit. It really is a struggle on long periods of over 180 to fight it from strangling you and throwing you off the bike. Still, I had a lot of fun, even though I got wet and my upper back is aching. But it has to be said, to have proper fun, you'd need a bike with a top speed of 202 mph instead on 202 km/h!
I arrived at the hotel in Krummesse a bit earlier than the guys. I think their ferry docks at 10 in the evening.  That means I have good time to get absolutely fucking wasted! Today it’s Finnish midsummer after all. Kippis motherfuckers! 

Today in stats:
Distance travelled 501 km
Times lost: 0
Times pulled over: 0

Average speed 101 km/h
Max speed 202 km/h


  1. "I tried to keep a positive attitude and packed my rain gear and didn’t make a front fender before heading off."

    Priceless stuff, I always thought your stories in Bike were the best stuff too though apparently a bit more restrained.

    Regards from a man you taught to ride track, on grey RSV back then.

    1. Sorry, have missed this! Thanks man, appreciate it! And yeah, I remember you ;)


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