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Road to Cannonball Bike Run, day five

We've arrived! Today we got to Liverpool, where the main event will start tomorrow morning.

We arrived in Hull at 8 in the morning. As I had the most experience driving on the left, I had been elected to take the lead, and I was eager to use TomTom’s Plan a Thrill feature in order to find interesting roads for the trip, as the distance was short and we had all day to cover it.

Having a fast beak for breakfast.

TomTom sure did find the best twisties in downtown Hull. As we got out of the city, we indeed found ourselves on some decent country routes, roads with 60 mph speed limit that were 1,5 Fiestas wide and had zero visibility. Riding them sure was exiting at times and it didn’t even require breaking the speed limit.

English country roads provide excitement in a fairytale-like scenery.

In Manchester the route became rather… interesting again. After we had explored all of Africa and most of Middle East to be found in North Manchester, the Hippie had a good idea for a change. We planned a new route without motorways. That would halve the riding time, and probably A-roads would be more fun than goddamn ethnic suburbia.

Cleanliness is a virtue. Or maybe an obsession.

At our hotel Joni and the Hippie started cleaning their bikes and the rest of us cracked open beers. There’s a pre-CBR bar meet somewhere in Liverpool, I wonder if getting a hangover for tomorrow would be a good idea?

Today in stats:

Distance travelled 230 km
Times lost: 4
Times pulled over: 0
Average speed 47 km/h
Max speed 133 km/h