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Iron Maiden's InfiniTT Dreams

A must buy for racing fans: Iron Maiden’s 2017 UK tour shirt endorses the Isle of Man TT.

I bet Eddie would rule the TT. 

Heavy metal giants Iron Maiden are known for their flamboyant tour shirts where the band’s mascot, Eddie, is up to no good in various locations, such as ancient Egypt, cyberpunk future and WW2 battles. The 2017 The Book Of Souls UK tour shirt features Isle of Man TT inspired artwork along with a blimp with a race banner with the actual dates. This means that legions of metal fans will be carrying an advert for the races.

Behind the TT artwork is Trooper beer, owned by Robinsons Brewery and Iron Maiden, who sponsor Smiths Racing. Their Trooper Triumph will be piloted by one of the top racers, Peter Hickman in Northwest 200, Ulster GP as well as Isle of Man TT.

The shirt features Eddie, who’s “borrowed” Hickman’s Triumph and is gunning down the motorway. The shirt is undoubtedly going to be a hit also with TT and racing fans. Personally I don’t like the idea of getting a shirt from a tour I didn’t go to, but hey, I love the TT and I love Iron Maiden, so I couldn’t help myself!

Mine just arrived, have you ordered yours yet? Check it out: tourmerch.ironmaiden.com